Saturday 10 September 2011

You really should read this

I have the privilege of calling Ian Robb a friend. You would go a long way to meet a nicer gentleman.

I met Ian through my AT work when he came to me for some Alexander lessons. It didn't take long for me to realise that he was the sort of person I wanted to get to know socially as well. Subsequently my wife and I have met-up with Ian and his partner Zofia.

It wasn't until months after his first lesson that he happened to recount a harrowing experience he'd had being stuck in a lift. Being a bit of an amateur "bard" he had written a short story to describe that event. WOW! What an amazing thing.

He has given me permission to publish the story on my web site. I recommend that you read it - all the way through - then tell me what you thought.

Going Up? A true story by Ian Robb (PDF format)

There is also an article about Ian on page 5 of the Marlow Free press 02/09/2011 (September) edition I was late - I ran to the lift.

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  1. OK I deliberately DIDN'T let on that Ian was in THE lift in Tower 1 at 9/11 as the first aeroplane hit!

    His account is written in a way that, exactly like his actual experience on that fateful day, he doesn't reveal what was really happening until you've been drawn into his fearful account of being trapped in a lift.

    BUT that was NOTHING compared to what he witnessed after being released.

    I'm in awe of the fact that he's remained so normal after such an experience.